Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Friends BookShelf

I've already got quite the collection on my Writer Friends Bookshelf from such greats as RC Lewis, Gennifer Albin, Sophie Perinot, RS Mellette, Mindy McGinnis and A.G. Howard. This past weekend, I was able to add three more...books and friends!

Barnes & Noble, Maple Grove, with Steve Thayer, Angela Halgrimson and Susan Jensen (l-r).

Yes, we are holding each other's books, though Steve also writes mystery/thrillers, so Ithaca Falls and Whispering Minds might be somewhat interchangeable...with the exception that Steve is a seasoned author with thirty years under his pen and a handful of awards for his incredible writing!
Me, I just basked in the glow of his greatness while loving on Angela's amazingly beautiful picture book of Lenny the Crow. Seriously, the artwork between the covers is truly inspiring. And last, but not least, was the great grad gift idea from Susan. Her survival guide for girls comes from her own experiences as a fitness trainer and health coach. In my daughter's words, "Mom, she's really pretty."
Yeah, pretty and pretty cool.
If you ever get the chance to attend an author event, I encourage you to do so. Don't be afraid to approach the tables, ask questions, finger the books and take pictures. You never know what or who you might find!
To find out who else is on my bookshelves, both electronic and physical, you can browse my profile at Goodreads. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Barnes & Noble Meet & Greet: old and new

If you're like me, authors make the best celebrities. They are ultra cool, ultra talented and my kind of peeps. They always have been...and not just because I'm a writer.

In fact, I remember my first author meet and greet way, way back in the day. I was a tiny little girl with blonde pigtails and dirty hands from mucking around in the back yard with my sister. That is, unless we were tucked into bed, clean and reading a book. For years, we had no television--no, I'm not THAT old--we just didn't have one. My sister and I would read, roller skate, read, listen to music, read, climb trees, dig in the garden and read.  It's what we did. It's who we were.

Rewind to one sunny California day when my mom took us to the book store. I have no idea what the name of it was, but I remember the man with rough, warm hands who greeted my sister and I with a big grin.

Louis L'Amour

Years later, in the summer between ninth and tenth grade, I read every one of his books in my dad's leather bound collection.

He's probably the reason I love cowboys.

He's certainly the reason that this Saturday will be so special to me, as I will be in his shoes--though mine are certainly much smaller on many levels.

I can only hope as I sit at a table in Barnes & Noble with other Minnesota authors that I can be as warm and welcoming as he was all those years ago.

I can only hope that my words will mean something to someone.

Louis L'Amour, this weekend is for you. It is me paying it forward in a way I never dreamed possible.

Please join me on Saturday, May 2nd, at the Maple Grove Barnes & Noble from 2:00-4:00pm.
(8040 Wedgewood Lane North)
Meet and greet new or favorite authors.
Get a signed copy of Whispering Minds and/or other amazing summer reads.