Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spreading Literacy One Book at a Time with Lili

Did you know that Texas predicts the number of prison beds it will need in the future by the reading abilities of its third graders? Did you know that poverty and crime are directly related to reading ability? Did you know that over 80% of youth in trouble with the law have a learning disability--of which typically translates into a reading disability?

Did you know there are still illiterate adults residing in America today? And with them, their children who will never get homework help or hear a bed time story from their parents? Children who will likely end up functionally illiterate and impoverished simply because they are denied the pleasure of being read to as a child or because they literally cannot afford to make reading a priority in their homes?

If you could, would you do something about these frightening statistics and help change the course of someone's life?

One teen is.

I was lucky enough to stumble across a post by Lili. This amazing teen is doing her share to spread literacy and the love of reading throughout her community, one book at a time.

 *According to Lili's website, this beautiful banner is credited to Stephanie.

If you have new or gently used books for readers aged 0 months to 18-years-old you wouldn't mind parting with, please stop by Lili's Reflections now and see what you can do to help with her Books Change Lives charity.

Kudos to Lili and any teen who walks in her footsteps and tackles tough social issues with grace, passion and respect.


Alexandra Tys

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