Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Total Immersion

I could be a life-long student. I love learning new things, and I'm fascinated by just about any idea--big or small. Our world is filled with unique people, places, things and phenomena. It's utterly amazing to me just how much there is and just how little I know.

And so, I am prone to total immersion.

When I come across something interesting, I research for hours, days and sometimes weeks. I get so engrossed in learning more that I don't realize how much time has passed. Or, that I've gotten off-topic numerous times because there is always something bright and shiny just around the proverbial corner.

I could be a life-long student.

And I don't think that's a bad thing. I mean, my passion for knowing doesn't hurt anyone--unless you count the dust bunnies which can be neglected when I'm on a researching tangent. But other than that, it's a harmless pastime. And passions drive us. They push us to do. For instance, my passion for all things psychological and child-centric means that so much of my reading/learning/knowing is about human beings, and tiny ones at that. This love spills over into my career and my writing. Not such a bad thing at all.

Anyone else a Cliff Claven? If so, what are your particular areas of interest? If not, what can you get totally immersed in?

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