Friday, September 28, 2012

Feel-Good Friday: A Few Pom-Pom Shakes for Writerly Me

 I'm not inherently a zombie fan, but I did fall in love with Carrie Ryan's zombies. And even while her living-dead made me look over my shoulder a time or two, zombies are not what I worry about when I think End of the World. Rather, I wanted something different than flesh eating mutants for the upcoming anthology, THE FALL: tales from the apocalypse.

Ironically, National Geographic Magazine provided me with the perfect End of the World scenario, and Solar Flare was born.

I just finished the final edit of this short story, and I can't tell you enough how good it feels to be done. Don't get my wrong, I love editing. Nearly as much as I love writing. However, there's something about teasing out the lesser-developed threads that turns a good piece of writing into something great. (Thank you, Jean Oram, Uber Editor of the Century!) More info will come, as the release date nears.

In other joyous news today, I finished putting together a registration package for a writer's conference in which I'll get a professional critique of (and a professional peek at) WHISPERING MINDS.

Fingers crossed that things go my way!

Now to get the next 327 pages in tip-top shape.

Have a safe weekend filled with good, clean fun.

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