Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

When I was a kid, Labor Day meant that everything was closed. My parents didn't have to work, and any trip we took had to be planned for in advance because the laboring masses were allowed a day of freedom from their service industry jobs.

That is so far from the case now that it makes me a bit angry. Laborers do  not get time off from laboring anymore. Instead, it seems as if LABOR DAY has become a rich person's holiday where white collar workers buy gas, dinner, movies and retail from the very people the holiday was meant to honor.

In fact, stores no longer close down for Thanksgiving, but rather open for special pre-Black Friday sales. Turkey is gobbled quickly so shoppers can get the best pre-pre deals around. What, may I ask, are we thankful for? A good deal? Another chance to purge our wallets on useless items? One more shopping opportunity to buy toys and gadgets that lose their luster the moment they wrapping paper comes off?

Christmas Eve is open late for elves that forgot to stock up for Santa's arrival and the New Year brings extra savings. Fourth of July blow-out sales rival stocking up for summer supplies over Memorial weekend. No longer are our holidays sacred. And neither are they celebrated as intended. Instead, they are simply one more day to commercialize our lives

Well, bah humbug on shopping.

Happy Labor Day to all the wonderful people who work long hours, long weeks and weekends over every month of every year to make life easier for the rest of us. Your work is appreciated by some--even as you flip another burger, layer another sub sandwich, hang up another shirt or clean--especially clean--another public restroom. My life is more enjoyable because of you.

Many thanks to the true working heroes.

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