Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rotting Relationships

Spring is to Romance as Fall is to Decay.

Grease ver2.jpgAnd not just the leaves. Relationships suffer greatly with the start of each new school year. Summer flings are flung when kids flock to the halls and are forced to conform to the whims of their peers. (Grease, anyone?) The girl with the glasses, zits and a little extra baby fat can return in September as the unexpected class babe. The cafeteria reeks of nasty lunches, new interests and fading passions.

Fall can be particularly dangerous for college bound folk and the significant others they leave behind.

Cute gals catch the eye of tethered-down guys, making them question the relationships they are in. Likewise, college seems to change boys to men overnight--at least in appearance. I'm not sure why, but standing on a university campus automatically adds muscle and coolness to even the geekiest guy.

But here's the thing. High school relationships are not supposed to last forever.

They are the opportunity to explore different personalities and activities. No, not those activities. The kind that help you find yourself.

  • Do you like hiking, biking, mountain climbing and fishing?
  • Are you content to hang out in a dark basement during a seven hour movie marathon?
  • Would you rather suntan at the beach than kick a soccer ball?
  • Does killing cyber zombies rock your world?
  • Are you Right Wing, Left Wing or completely apathetic?
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle?
  • A vegan about to commit your heart to a hunter?
Who are you, what do you like and what do you want to do with your life?

High school and early college relationships will help you find out. So don't be afraid to let your beloved go if things no longer feel right. Because even those high school couples who get married, have twenty-seven kids and age out together don't have the same relationship they had while in school. They matured through experience, and part of that experience is hanging out with others and figuring out what you like.

Trust me on this. (Says the gal who married her high school sweetie, though not her first love.)

Now get going. Meet new peeps. Enjoy the diversity the world has to offer.

~Alexandra Tys

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