Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm a Person, Not a Plant

Yes, there is an actual face behind the words.

And since we haven't been formally introduced, let me start:

*My name is Alexandra Tys O'Connor, aka A.T. O'Connor. The shortened version fits better on book covers.
*I write YA and Romance.
*I love to garden, though I get neglectful at times. Designing beautiful outdoor spaces is always more appealing than maintaining them. Or maybe that's just my short attention span speaking.
*I've got four kids, two dogs and one husband--each of whom I love dearly.
*If you hold up your left hand in the shape of an L, I live in the corner of Minnesota where your thumb and finger meet. It's cold, windy and very flat, yet beautiful in its own right.
*I am a speech coach. Best extracurricular activity EVAH!
*I also help divorcing/separated parents work out custody issues and parenting time. Kids are my heart.
*My biggest pet peeve is adults who don't like teens on principle. Seriously, teens could be the most amazing people I've ever met. (Note to adults: most teens are only bratty if you're bratty first.)
*As a chronic procrastinator, I compete in NaNoWriMo every November. I always did my best work the night before a paper was due--Sorry Glencoe High School English department!
*Speaking of high school, looking at this picture made me realize that minus the cool eighties hair and a few wrinkles, my head shot doesn't look a whole lot different than my graduation picture a quarter of a century ago. Funny, because I'm wearing pink in both pics and I NEVER wear pink.
*My new favorite band is American Authors--go figure! They're a little alternative, but fun none-the-less. On November 1st when WHISPERING MINDS debuts, I'm going to crank "Best Day of My Life" and dance on the tables. And no, I won't be videotaping that.

So, enough about me.

Tell me a little about yourself: favorite books, favorite authors, favorite class, sports, extracurriculars, Besties, pets, movies.... I mean, I just showed you my hideous grad pic, so no need for shyness.

Forever and always~

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