Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Personality Chameleons

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Their mutual affection appeared sporadically, and only under favorable conditions. Namely, a bottle of booze and a good run at the casino.
Over the years, Gemini has witnessed the ups and downs of her parents' relationship. Yet every relationship is filled with peaks and valleys that can be largely dependent on circumstances and social settings.

We've all seen it, and it usually sucks:
  • The football player who's nice right before homecoming.
  • The pious girl friend who gets handsy at the movie theater.
  • The best friend neighbor who ignores you in school.
  • The shy nerd who swallows goldfish at all the parties.
But the question is, why do we change our behaviors based on certain circumstances, and is it even possible (or desirable) to be the same in every situation?

One of my favorite quotations goes something like this: To be a person of integrity, we have to be the same on the outside as we are on the inside.

Behaving in such a way that others see us the same way we see ourselves can be nearly impossible to achieve. In fact, I doubt many people even realize how far apart their view is compared to those around them.

Good, bad or indifferent, we are influenced internally and externally nearly every moment of every day. In that respect, it's to understand how chameleon-like we can be, constantly changing in response to the environment around us. Often in subtle ways, though sometimes as blatantly obvious as a margarita and a stacked poker hand.

In which ways do you change your behaviors based on those around you? Are there some circumstances where you feel more comfortable with yourself than in others? How does this affect your personal integrity?

For the record, I'm so glad I've already grown up. Learning these lessons was hard enough the first time around.

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