Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Gennifer Albin and More Great Prizes


Free Books and Book Birthday Wishes

In honor of Crewel and the masterful way author Gennifer Albin weaves intrigue, love and terror into her novels, I've sewn together some threads from Whispering Minds to introduce you to today's giveaway. But first, let me sing, "Happy Book Birthday!" to Altered, the second book in Miss Albin's Crewel World Trilogy.
Yep, today is its release, so you know what I'll be doing for the rest of the afternoon! Hint: if you order Altered today, it can be delivered just in time for you to win and read a copy of Crewel.
And now, onto the next prize package in the Whispering Minds 10 Day YA Giveaway.
The Excerpts:
A dream catcher hung on the wall above his bed. Blue and green feathers trailed from the central web. I stood on the bed and took it down. A spider occupied the center of the ring, its body made of fine black strands twisted together. It was the same material that wrapped around the web and secured the tiny hummingbird feathers.
My fingers traced the pattern, memorizing the feel of it beneath my fingers. It matched the dream catcher in my room at Granny's. The same feathers, the same human hair. Even the watchful spider in the center was the same. When I'd asked Granny about the spider as a kid, she'd asked in return, "Who better to catch scary things than a spider?"
...I reached in the cubby hole for more papers. My hand closed around something soft, the dream catcher from Jimmy's room. Its match hung from my window, and a third on Trav's bedroom wall. I twined the silken cord of hair around my fingers...I pictured the spider web on the smooth skin of his shoulder and felt that it had something to do with me. Was I the spider, capturing those he loved? Spinning my sticky web over everything and pulling it away from him and into myself?
And the Prize:

  • A lovely, hand crafted, Native American dream catcher to keep your nightmares at bay,
  • a sampling of chai tea to warm you when you wake, and
  • a copy of The Fall: Tales from the Apocalypse--because Miss Albin literally leaves her characters plummeting through...well, I don't want to ruin it. Just trust me when I say that in my head, the title of the anthology and the end of Crewel tie together. 
So, don't be shy. Enter below to win ten day's worth of awesome prizes. Really. Because winning a free book by any of the featured authors throughout this giveaway is well worth your time and effort. Your brain will thank you.

As always, thanks for supporting the literary community!


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And don't forget that Goodreads is just waiting for you to enter for a chance to win one of ten copies of Whispering Minds. If not for you, then for the teen in your life.

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