Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Newest Giveaway: Splintered by A.G.Howard

Day Eight Prizes

This book is all kinds of amazing. From the beautiful cover to the characters within, A.G. Howard's retelling of Alice in Wonderland is much more enjoyable than the original. (Forgive me English and Lit teachers across the globe. As well as avid AAIW fanatics.)

Here's a recap of my review from nearly a year ago:

I fell into the rabbit hole last week, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I didn't love the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, though I can't give any specific reasons why. I can't pinpoint them myself.

On the other hand, Ms. Howard's contemporary spin on Alice's adventures left me breathless.

For starters, look at this fantabulous cover. The details are exquisite.

An electric blue moth you will come to love and hate and love again. (FYI, Morpheus is one side of a love triangle that will have your panties in a knot as you waffle between the moth man and the delectable human, Jeb.)
The rest of the insects--yeah, that's right, peek closely and you'll see them hiding everywhere. They are very important, my reader friends. Important, intriguing and only a little creepy. Okay, one is a lot creepy, but even she didn't make my spine tingle like the twisted White Rabbit did. 
Then there's Alyssa, herself. A stunning beauty filled with mysticism, spunk and charm. She's delicate on the outside--almost pixie like--while courage radiates from within.
And it (or other prize packages) just might be yours if you enter into the drawing below.
Up for grabs:
  1. one copy of Want to Go Private? and a sample of chai tea;
  2. the WTGP? technology pack with a USB drive (including a cut chapter from Whispering Minds) and chai tea;
  3. one copy of Not a Drop to Drink and a sample of chai tea;
  4. the Drop to Drink pack with a travel mug and mega chai sample;
  5. one copy of The Collector and a sample of chai tea;
  6. one copy of Crewel and a sample of chai tea;
  7. the crewel weaver pack with a dream catcher, a copy of The Fall and chai tea;
  8. one copy of Splintered, special swag from author A.G.Howard and a sample of chai tea;
  9. tune in on Halloween to find out what Splintered inspired gift you can win;
  10. tune in on Friday, November 1st, for the ultimate swag pack announcement.
So many great stories, so much fun and delicious swag. So easy to enter for a chance to win them all.
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