Friday, October 25, 2013

YA Giveaway: The Collector by Victoria Scott


Whispering Minds YA Giveaway Day Five
So here's the scoop. I am in love with Dante Walker, the main character of Victoria Scott's novel, The Collector. Yep, I emotionally cheated on my husband with thoughts of bad boy, Dante. To be fair, I'm not even sure Miss Scott describes Dante's appearance, so it's not that he's a hot body who elicits this school girl crush on him. Well, not exactly. He is a demon, after all, so he must be pretty hot on some level.
No, my fangirl affair stems more from his personality which pops off the page and into your heart. Dante is a selfish, overly-confident dead boy, hell-bent on collecting the soul of an innocent and unsuspecting misfit. He's brash and used-car-salesman slick. He's everything I hate in real people, and yet I can't help myself.
Dante has collected my undying affections. Victoria Scott has collected my loyalty as a reader.
Dante collects souls, while Gemi, the main character of Whispering Minds, is also a collector--as shown in the excerpt below. 
    We were collectors.
    I collected books—stories of hope. Mom collected treasures, ugly things she found beauty in and hoped to rehabilitate. My dad bought hobbies—sports equipment for sports he never played. His yearly binges filled the spaces where Mom’s treasures didn’t reach. Together they had collected a lifetime of things and found no pleasure in any of it.
    Apparently, we also collected secrets.
If you enter the Whispering Minds YA Giveaway any time during the course of my contest, you, too, may collect a crush on one or more of my favorite authors, or other great prizes.
To recap what's up for grabs. In addition to some authorly swag and a sampling of Granny's Homemade Chai Tea, entering the contest makes you eligible for the following prizes:
  • a copy of Want to Go Private? by Sarah Darer Littman. This novel is a must-read for every human being with a heart.
  • a technology pack inspired by the cyber connection between Want to Go Private? and Whispering Minds. this includes a USB drive with a cut chapter of my novel--a missing night of Gemi's life, if you will.
  • a copy of Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis, who takes survival of the fittest to a whole new level in her debut novel.
  • a thirst quenching Drop to Drink Package that includes a truly awesome travel mug and a batch of chai to fill it with.
  • a copy of The Collector by Victoria Scott. Yeah, I think I collected my thoughts on that up above.
Enter at will and don't forget to stop back next Monday for the reveal of Prize Number Six.

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Taylor Homann said...

My current poison would have to be one of the pumpkin lattes from Kelly's. They make any crappy, blustery school day better.

Alexandra Tys O'Connor said...

Yum. Anything pumpkin is delish. As to the school thankful you can drink yummy lattes in some classes. Back in my day, we were lucky to get a drink of water from the fountain!